NRP-FIRESTOP is a unique laminated panel that can be installed over painted walls, concrete block, plywood, insulating foam, and even unfinished drywall. It is installed with tube type adhesive, a real time saver compared to trowel-on glues. Often a remodeling project can be completed in one day, and for new construction the mess of muddling and sanding drywall is completely eliminated.

An added benefit is the flame retardancy of the NRP-FIRESTOP. With some laminates a Class A (ASTM E-84) rating can be obtained even when the panel is installed over flammable substrates such as oriented strandboard or plywood. With NRP-FIRESTOP over Dow Styrofoam the panels passed the room corner burn (UL 1715).

An almost limitless variety of laminates are available, including veneers, metallics, marbles, pebbled textures, even marker boards. Matching and contrasting moldings are available, or the panels can be installed in a seamless construction. Durobase protective moldings are an excellent complement to complete the construction.

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