Founded in 1990 by Charles O. Yoder, Parkland Plastics Incorporated is located in Middlebury, Indiana. Built with a spirit of green thinking and manufacturing with reclaimed polymers, which would have otherwise been destined for a landfill, Parkland is an innovator from its earliest years. The early dedication to using recycled materials and engineering panels from reclaimed polymers has given consumers a superior performance and price than other comparable products in the marketplace.

Parkland is the original innovator and current leader in reclaimed polymer based sanitary and architectural panels. These various panels currently service the commercial and architectural wall and ceiling markets as well as recreational vehicle and commercial transportation OEM manufacturers.

Today, Parkland’s main fabrication and distribution facility produce engineered, coated and laminated panels that go far beyond the early product offerings of a quarter century ago. With state-of-the-art production lines that produce lamination, roll coating with UV curing capabilities, to the latest in decor and design innovation, Parkland produces an array of the most desirable products in the industry. Parkland’s high-rate processing volume and overall technology allows all functions to be processed with cost efficiencies at the forefront with our customers’ cost consciousness in mind.

For the foreseeable future and beyond, Parkland looks forward in meeting our customer’s new challenges to develop new technologies to recycle more material and engineer products for the architectural, commercial interior, recreational vehicle and commercial transportation markets.

Parkland Plastics